RED WING TOURISM | Welcome to the Pottery Museum of Red Wing

Explore more than 6,000 vintage pieces of artisan-crafted stoneware, art pottery, dinnerware & folk art that bring the story of historic Red Wing to life in dozens of exhibits covering 13,000 square feet, including great Red Wing pieces, as well as items from Hull, Dryden, Trenton, Royal Haeger, and other potteries. We honor Red Wing’s historic clay industry.

Current Exhibit: “The Red Wing Saloon:”

This exhibit shows what a pre-prohibition saloon looked like prior to January 16, 1920 when the 18th Amendment was passed. Red Wing produced many stoneware jugs for liquor sellers – in one month alone in 1910 the pottery shipped more than 6,400.

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Dozens of displays highlight both the common and rare examples of products produced in Red Wing pottery factories, including stoneware, art pottery, and dinnerware. Several exhibits feature artifacts used daily in the production of various clay products. Displays of finished products demonstrate the wide range of items produced by the Red Wing pottery industry including hand decorated, salt glazed stoneware of the highest quality, molded zinc stoneware, advertising ware, art pottery, and dinnerware. The Museum also contains an important collection of memorabilia, vintage photographs, and products related to the local clay industry to provide for current and future educational experiences and scholarly endeavors.
The Gift Store in the Museum has a wonderful selection of souvenirs to remember your visit. You will also find vintage pottery, stoneware and dinnerware items that were made in Red Wing.

Whether looking for a special souvenir of Red Wing or wanting to purchase an actual piece of Red Wing history, the Pottery Museum Gift Store will not disappoint. Revenue from the Gift Store helps support the operational costs of the Museum.