SAINT PAUL BREWING | On the site of the historic Hamm’s

Theodore Hamm got his start running a brewery back in 1865. Much later, after Prohibition was repealed in 1933, the Hamm’s Brewery steadily climbed to the 5th largest in the nation by the 1950s. At its height, there were four breweries: two in California, one in Texas, and the original in St. Paul. 

Saint Paul Brewing is located within two of the buildings on the Hamm’s campus, which once upon a time had it’s own zip code!
Come see the ruins of the old horse stables and carpentry shop now a glorious patio with a European feel. Although the Hamm’s mansion overlooking is long gone, the steps where William Hamm Jr was kidnapped and held for randsom in June of 1933 are still there, and after two long droughts within beer (Prohibition 1919 – 1933 and the closing of the brewery by Stroh’s Brewing Co in 1997) Saint Paul Brewing offers beer, seltzer, kombucha, and a full food menu.

Private group events, guided tours and tastings available upon request.