SCIENCE MADE FUN | STEM Field Trips That Come To You!

Looking for some awesome STEM activities to do with your students this summer? High Touch High Tech of the Twin Cities offers engaging STEM field trips that comes to you! No Bus, No Fuss, No Stress, No Mess! Preschool, SAC, Scouts, Camps and more!

Through exciting hands-on experiments, our programs are thoughtfully designed to stimulate young minds, activate the students’ innate curiosity and nurture the child’s budding imagination.

We are committed to moving STEM education forward within our community. We encourage educators to ‘ think outside of the box’ & challenge their students to find the science that surrounds us each day. This has made us an invaluable resource & trustworthy tool for teachers across the country.

Alongside our team of professionals, students are guided through the learning process, becoming real scientists performing real experiments! We accomplish this mission in a safe and stimulating way, as the child incorporates a lifelong love of science!