SEA LIFE AT MALL OF AMERICA | Bring the Oceanic Discoveries Home!

Dive deep into discovery with our NEW Make Your Own Aquarium and Conservation activities! Learn about the amazing creatures of the ocean and get creative while staying in the comfort of your home or classroom. We hope to see you back at the aquarium soon!

Dive deep into discovery with NEW Make Your Own Aquarium and Conservation activities! Channel your creativity into an aquarium full of your favorite creatures with the Make Your Own Aquarium activity. Will whales swim with clownfish or perhaps a stylish penguin wearing a colorful tuxedo? Your imagination is the limit as you create your very own aquarium!

Test your knowledge on protecting wildlife and nature in the Conservation activity. How sure are you in the difference between endangered and extinct? Can you identify which animals are still around today? What is the importance of an apex predator to an ecosystem? Answers to all these questions and more will be discovered with the Conservation activity.

SEA LIFE at Mall of America is home to 11 exhibits including: Brave the Rainforest, 360° Ocean Tunnel, Coral Caves, Seahorse Kingdom, Jellyfish Discovery, Ray Lagoon, and the Pacific Northwest Rockpool. Experience a getaway close to home and make new memories as you discover gentle jellies to giant sea turtles.

In Brave the Rainforest, surround yourself in the sights and sounds of the rainforest including Spectacled Caiman, Piranha, Poison Dart Frogs and more! The 360° Tunnel will take you on a journey below the water line as you explore our Sturgeon Lake, Wild Amazon, Shark Cove and Rainbow Reef. Make sure to keep your eyes open as you might find Duke or Duchess our Green Sawfish snoozing on the tunnel above you! Venture through Coral Caves to explore the corals of a reef and their inhabitants including clownfish, tangs and more. Seahorse Kingdom is where you’ll find our seahorse breeding endeavor to help keep these beautiful creatures from extinction. Float around with jellyfish in Jellyfish Discovery! Keep an eye out for a special jellyfish surprise. Flap around with the friendliest creatures in the aquarium by the pirate ship, the stingrays of Ray Lagoon. These creatures love to swim up to the glass to say hi! End your adventure with our Pacific Northwest Rockpool where you’ll find colorful anemones, sea stars and more to touch!

SEA LIFE at Mall of America is taking all possible steps to continue to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests, staff and creatures. Safety measures include: In accordance with local government ordinances, face coverings must be worn over your mouth and nose by all guests 5-years and older. Implementing enhanced cleaning regimens throughout the area and increased cleaning and sanitizing of stations. Hand sanitizing stations will also be available and our staff is washing their hands thoroughly on a regular regimen. We will also be limiting capacity to 25% per government restrictions. During your visit, SEA LIFE is only accepting contactless payment methods and the use of debit/credit cards to combat the spread of COVID-19. Please do not visit the attraction if you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, living with someone who is or feeling ill.