Snapology summer camps are open! Robotics, animation, engineering and themed STEAM camps that incorporate STEAM education, social skills and FUN are ready to go for summer.

* Curriculum: Snapology camps provide a perfect mixture of learning and fun. We incorporate the education, social skills and STEAM concepts into the creating, inventing, games and fun. All of the learning principles taught in our programs are mapped to Common Core Standards and many are mapped to Next Generation Science Standards.
* Camp Timing: Each week has numerous camps that are as short as 3 hours and as long as 35 hours.
* Full Day Camps: All of the camps taking place at our Discovery Center can be registered for as either morning or afternoon camps or combined into a full day/full week camp that cover 2 different themes that work well together. There are separate registration links for morning/afternoon/full day. Children should bring bagged lunches to eat and water bottles to use each day if they are signed up for full day camps.
* Ages: The schedule has something for everyone! Educational and fun camps for kids going into Kindergarten, awesome grade school camps, and programs designed specifically for middle schoolers as well. We try to spread them all out evenly throughout the summer and around the city. The ages listed on our schedule are a recommendation but not a requirement, so if you feel your child would be interested in a camp just outside of their age on either side, we’re ok with you registering for that camp.