SPARKPOINT INNOVATIONS | Your Students Can Watch Earth Science come to Life… VIRTUALLY!

Looking for a fun, virtual option to enrich your students’ science standards? Watch as earth science comes to life in the SparkPoint Innovations virtual programs! Orbit Earth Expo explores astronomy concepts – planets, tides, seasons, scale, eclipses, moon phases, and more! If it’s geology you seek, check out the Big Canyon Balloon! We explore weathering, erosion, deposition, land forms, fossils, rocks, and more in this fast, funny engaging program.

SparkPoint programs are different from other science options…taught by experienced teachers, written by experienced teachers, and oh…also really funny and engaging! Kids won’t just stare at a screen – they will laugh and connect and interact from home or school with our free materials which guide you through the program. Teachers, looking for a breather? Let SparkPoint take the reins for your science classes for a day! (Parents – give your teacher a break!)

While we love being in schools face to face, right now we are coming to children virtually! Orbit Earth Expo brings astronomy to life using unique models and teaching strategies that make these concepts really stick with students! Explore phases of the moon and eclipses in the dark using shadows to show waxing and waning differences. See what causes the seasons! Winds! Tides! Our sun gives us everything we need for life on earth – come see how!

Looking for something different? Rocky is our Big Canyon Balloon model which allows students to time travel into the future to see what changes might happen to the canyon over time. Erosion, weathering, and deposition can cause some major changes to a landform! Are those changes caused by constructive or destructive forces? Let’s explore that idea and find out! But we can’t skip the past – how did this canyon form? Travel back in time to discover the differences between sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock….distinguish rocks from minerals and check out their characteristics. Mohs Hardness Scale? What’s that all about? Finally, take a trip through our fossil tunnel to discover the clues in a fossil record that tell the stories of the land, its plant and animal life, natural resources, and more! A surprise trip to the moon rounds out this experience and we review the fast and slow changes that happen to our earth.

Contact us today to schedule your class – we now offer class by class pricing options. All materials and a teacher’s guide are included. Teachers may opt to pause the program and use the discussion guide to stimulate class conversation, or let our materials guide the students through the class. It’s a fun way to learn difficult concepts and we would love to teach your students! Call us today! 678-896-3206 or email