4 ACE PRODUCTIONS | ATTENTION: Summer Aftercare Programs Book Now!

For over 25 years I have shared educational magic shows with Aftercare programs all over a 5 state area. Programs like The Magic of Cooperation, Drugs Steal the MAGIC, Bulldoze the Bully, Be Aware, Be Alert, Be SAFE and Inspector Potential (a program of character development).

This summer I’m BACK…Got my 2nd dose of vaccine and have over 60 programs booked for the summer. Don’t wait or you may miss out…

I also offer a fun general magic show that summer groups love as well it’s called the ACME Magic Factory! Programs are available in two formats 30 minutes & 60 minutes…since each group is different and travel & expenses apply I can’t give you a specific price. But I will be happy to send you a personal proposal for your summer event!

Here’s what some have said about my programs….

“Thank-you very much for presenting your awesome magic shows for us. Your professionalism was unmatched and certainly appreciated. Your attention to detail and follow through made working with you an absolute pleasure. All three shows you presented created an energy and excitement with the families in the audience that was infectious, and you left people walking out the door feeling great and wondering when you’d be back again! Comments following the shows were extremely positive, and included everything from ‘the kids were so inot it!’ to ‘it was a great family-friendly show!’ I look forward to the next time we are able to work together.”
-Billy Soden, Program coordinator Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose CE

“Brian Richards is absolutely engaging! I love to sit on the floor near the front (and off to the side) so I can watch the kids faces while Brian is performing. They oooh…they aaah, their faces ask and tell, the kids smile and squeal with delight!” -Kristi SabbyI, Fridley Community Ed.

“The show was great! He entertained 100 children for 45 minutes. He includes a lot of children in his acts on stage. He kept their attention and had them laughing the entire time! The BIG $100 bill they got when they helped was a hit as well.” -Michelle McManamy, Osceola Kids Klub Osceola, WI.