DAZZLING DAVE NATIONAL YO-YO MASTER | A perfect outdoor show for this summer!

See Dave Dazzle this summer with the engaging activity and entertainment of yo-yoing. His show can be tailored to smaller groups or even virtual – through your platform of choice. Dave can adapt his show to almost any weather, or venue. He also offers workshops.

Contact him now to get on his Summer event calendar. His popular Summer shows include library programs, summer camps, fairs, YMCAs, banquets, and church events!

Dave performs hundreds of shows each year. He lives with his wife, Kim, their two children, and his incredible collection of over 1,500 yo-yos from around the world. It’s amazing how his life has changed since that first day in 1993 when he was just a college junior looking for a diversion from the pressure of final exams. “Hey,” he said to his buddy. “Mind if I try your yo-yo?”