HISTORICAL EXPERIENCES | Students join the Union Army to Learn About the Civil War.

Shortly after becoming the 32nd state, Minnesotans were called upon to fight to preserve the Union. Young men, farmers and shopkeepers learned how to be soldiers and then served for three years to keep this nation one and undivided. One year later a second Civil War broke out within the boundaries of our own state. The Dakota people, living on reservations along the Minnesota River, grew disgusted with broken promises after suffering through a starvation winter. They rose up to push the settlers and soldiers out of Minnesota. The young state suffered a very bloody beginning. In this presentation that comes to your site, students will learn all about Minnesota’s role in the American Civil War and the Dakota Conflict in Minnesota.

After Southerners fired on Fort Sumter, President Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers for 90 days to put down the rebellion in the South. Even before he put out the call for troops, Minnesota had already offered an infantry regiment of 1000 men to the President. They would be called the First Minnesota Infantry Regiment and they would fight in every major battle in the Eastern Theater of the Civil War with their service culminating in the heroic charge that saved the day at Gettysburg. While these men were off fighting in the East, another Civil War broke out within the boundaries of their own state. After years of abuse and broken promises, the Dakota people rose up in anger and attacked settlers on the frontier in an attempt to drive them out to regain their lands. Minnesota was one of the youngest states in the nation; the 32nd star on a flag of 34. Being embroiled in two civil wars at the same time was a very rocky beginning for the fledgling state. Sergeant Kind will bring this exciting yet tragic story of Minnesotan’s in conflict to life for your students. Contact him today to schedule your historical experience. Call 507-381-0898.